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By winnie, Jan 17 2019 05:24PM

Good evening,

I cant believe we are now in 2019 and stepping into spring. With that in mind I have been spring cleaning my memory keepsake photos.

In this journey through my albums (gosh I have so many!) I have been reminded of the powerful role our pets play in our everyday lives, and also the deep sadness that is felt when we lose them.

It is said that the lasting bond between pets and their family is totally unique. They are always so pleased to see us, even on our darkest days they can warm your heart and make you feel loved. They unite families in a common bond of love and togetherness and are truly cherished.

So over the next week I will share a few Pet keepsake collections with you, I didn’t want to keep them all to myself!!!

I hope you enjoy my choice? Let me know which ones you like best.

Here is my very best friend Bisto sitting proudly in the chair he is not meant to sit in !!!! Love him to bits and pieces, he certainly is a very treasured member of my family, along with all the bears of course!

By winnie, Jul 12 2018 03:36PM

I am delighted to share with you these very vibrant handmade memory quilts created for a family local to Devon.

I was so lucky to be able to visit and hear the stories of mums clothing, the family had personally selected items to create three very personal memory blankets. They chose the clothing in colours, so I had three separate bags that contained chosen items of clothing that the family held close to their hearts and reflected their memories.

The quilts were created for two daughters and a beautiful Granddaughter, ( luckily I got to meet her) I am sure mummy will be able to tell stories of Grandma whilst they are all wrapped up in their handmade blankets.

By winnie, Jul 1 2018 02:00PM

Good afternoon everyone, have you enjoyed this very hot week?

It is so unusual for the UK to experience such prolonged sunshine so I have tried to make the most of it by doing some early morning walks and having a little shaded sit in the garden in the afternoons whilst hand sewing some keepsake orders. The sitting has been VERY brief due to my new friend Bisto that you have already met. This last week we have enjoyed attending puppy classes and he has had his first swim!!! I feel like a proud new mum so am going to share some pictures with you all. Of course I won't show you the picture of puppy on walking strike refusing to move for 10 minutes!!! All good fun, I feel very lucky to have the love of such a beautiful pup. xx

By winnie, Jun 15 2018 09:00AM

They joy of having my new friend Bisto is exploring.

I just love when we take little strolls down to the river or estuary. He is getting quite big now and so is enjoying experiencing new places. This week we spent some time down by the Teign Estuary, it was a very peaceful walk full of nice new smells for Bisto and some peace for reflection for me.

By winnie, Jun 12 2018 11:17AM

Good afternoon everyone,

a little share today of two precious memory cushions that have each been created from one outfit. The outifts were worn by a very loved and missed mum to very special occassions.

So they are now hand crafted into beautiful cushions that will grace any room with beautiful memories.

I just adoured her choice of colours, they remind me of the sky and ocean and the beautiful array of colours they present over the seasons.