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By winnie, Feb 7 2018 09:03AM

Hello everyone,

So are you all ready for this weeks show and tell from Winnie’s Memory Bear and Keepsake sewing studio?

Here we go:

Last week two beautiful Memory Quilts went home to have a surprise welcome by two special daughters. Mummy had ordered the quilts to be created from their Daddy’s clothing as he sadly left the family far too soon. So Mum carefully selected and sent an array of memorable clothing and discussed with me the order of importance in the fabrics and designs. The family had to wait nearly five months! It must have seemed like forever!

I loved creating their quilts, looking carefully at the intimate and memorable parts of each and every piece of clothing and then creating a design that suits their specific.

Well I included swimming trunks (which was a great source of amusement for one daughter) shirt collars, buttons and T shirt logos to name just a few.

I hear the news of their arrival and unwrapping, the phrase that made my heart sing was:

‘her face lit up when she opened the parcel’

One comforted family and one happy Winnie.

By winnie, Jan 31 2018 07:00AM

On a brief shopping trip to Exeter last year my Memory Bear and I were lucky enough to meet one of my recent customers.

Whilst having a little photo at a coffee shop in the Cathedral Green area my Bear Freda caught her eye. We chatted about the concept of memory keepsakes and the special power of a loved ones fabric and clothing to hold connections to our special memories.

I loved hearing some her memories of her very special Mum: she was a spirited lady with a lots of 'get up and go' and was ‘game’ for anything! She was also a very skilled seamstress, quilter and knitter, and her family were gifted many items lovingly handmade by herself, she sounded an amazing lady.

So a plan was made, over time my customer collected, jewellery, a handmade cardigan, scarf and some of her quilting. It was such an honour to create a memory bear from clothing and items made by her own fair hands. I hope she approved of Bear!

After such a long wait her Memory Bear travelled home last week.

Isn't she gorgeous?

By winnie, Jan 10 2018 11:00AM

This lovely collection of Memory Bears travelled home to three different addresses for Christmas.

Six unique memory bears capturing the individual love each family member had for their Dad and husband.

Our love is always a unique relationship, so very fitting that each memory bear is totally unique even when hand made from the same fabric and clothing.

By winnie, Jan 7 2018 11:54AM

Well now we are into the New Year, with resolutions! Personally I am not usually one for making New Year resolutions, they tend to fade and die over the first few weeks!!!

But last year I was really moved by the programme Blue Planet 11. We now have such ground breaking technology allowing us to peep into the previously hidden under water world. I loved each and every episode marvelling in the beauty and strangeness of nature.

Most of all I was affected by our human effect on the oceans and the creatures it is home to. Our use and waste of plastic is astronomical and is doing immeasurable harm, I was deeply saddened and felt a little helpless.

So after some deep thought and reflection I have decided as a small business and an individual I am going to reduce my use of plastic, hoping in some small way it will help.

By winnie, Jan 2 2018 08:25PM

Well here we are well and truly launched into 2018.

I have spent some time reflecting on the past year, and one thought came into mind and that was to thank you all………all my customers. Without you my year would not have been possible.

With you my customers we have shared many memories. I have reflected on those of you who have lost loved ones and are trying to come to terms and live with overwhelming grief.

I have completed several baby quilts and other keepsakes to reflect that wonderful joy of parenthood and the love of family.

Other celebration gifts I have created include a wedding memory bear, Christening gift plus milestone birthday memory cushions to bring the whole family together into one big hug!!!

I have been blessed to be just a little part of all of your journeys, and in turn your orders have made my year a successful one. I have completed my first full year of self employment doing a job that I adore.

So from me to you one great big THANKYOU

XXXX Winnie