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By winnie, Nov 22 2017 04:33PM

This week I can share with you another member of the latest Memory Bear family to go home.

This is Dad Bear and is waiting to go home to a special daughter, mean while mum is keeping her daughters bear safe and sound, I am sure he is getting lots of cuddles too!

During their photo these gorgeous bears got up to all sorts of mischief!!! Look out for their antics tomorrow!!!

Thankyou for popping by.

xx Winnie

By winnie, Nov 7 2017 09:31AM

Good morning,

this week I have been working with a beautiful sons baby clothing to create a bespoke memory quilt, I have loved using some very tiny hats to appliqué part of the design. Those very precious baby years pass so quickly and they sure are moments to treasure.

This quilt is being create by mum and dad as a gift to themselves for Christmas, a real gift to treasure and enjoy. Being wrapped and snuggled up in such memorable fabric will bring laughter, tears and lots of reflective moments as their little one blossoms through the years.

Each memory keepsake quilt is created from many fabric colours and textures, this makes the quilts very sensitive to the washing process. You must ensure they are gently hand washed in cool water with Colour Catcher which is available in most supermarkets. The Colour Catcher captures any escaping dye to preserve the colours.

This week I will post again about the care of your memory bear and cushions, just to make sure your treasured keepsakes bring love and happiness for many years to come.

By winnie, Oct 11 2017 05:00AM

Please welome this gorgeous memory pillow that went home a few weeks ago to offer a wife some happy memories of a loved and lost husband. He was passionate about golf, he held many positions in the Golf Club he was a member of and played all over the world. So it was very fitting that his precious golf ties and logos were incorporated into the keepsake cushion.

By winnie, Oct 5 2017 05:38PM

I was taking a wander through my photos yesterday evening and had a wonderful reminder of our 2016 adventure.

My husband, myself and Freda my travelling memory bear made a very special journey to see our family in Newzealand. I had never travelled so far and it was an epic holiday for us all in so many ways. Freda was packed and already to go with her map, back pack with momentous and treasures inside.

Feeling out of our comfort zone meant we explored pastures new with an open heart, met some lovely friendly people from all over the world and enjoyed some spectacular scenery.

Our love of walking was rewarded by some spectacular scenes and landscapes.

The Blue Spring - Te Waihou Walkway - Hamilton & Waikato was a very special walk, the colour of the water was an amazing blue/green. The water so pure it is said to supply 70% of Newzealnds bottled water.

I have only shared two photos as I have millions as you can imagine!!!!!

The power of photos is the memories they evoke……. so true.

By winnie, Oct 3 2017 04:47PM

Good evening,

earlier last month I posted home three very cute travelling memory bears/dogs, I just adoured their fury ears! The word 'travelling' in memory bear explains that the bears are small enough to pop in your bag and take on your daily adventures, bringing you comfort and a feeling of togetherness with your loved ones and the memories you shared.

These lovley chaps were created from one very special hat, scarf and a lovley tweed jacket, adorned with personalised tags to complete those special memories. I wonder what adventures they are having? I hope we hear!