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By winnie, May 21 2018 07:43AM

Hello everyone,

have you noticed how quiet I've been?

I have some very special news to share, this time I am not sharing pictures and stories of my memory bears and keepsakes!!!

So without any delay I am pleased to share with you the new member of the keepsake sewing room family .........say a big warm cuddly HELLO to Bisto my Cocker Spaniel puppy.

He is now 11 weeks old and keeping me very busy along with my keepsake creations. I am absolutly besotted I don't mind saying, so you will be getting some updates as he progresses into the family life.

It has taken me a while to used to the night time puppy training!! But the early morning waking means we are having a good fun time followed by some lovely time in my keepsake sewing room with bisto playing in his puppy playpen next to my sewing room.

Watch out for the next instalment!

By winnie, Apr 25 2018 02:07PM

So today I wish to share with you the story of one very precious pink dressing gown.

On New Years Day 2018 I had a visit from a very lovley lady in her 90s, she was staying with her family for the Christmas celebrations and timed it with a trip to my studio to collect her order.

She had carefully stored and loved her dear mums beautiful pink quited dressing gown for many many years. Recently she had become aware of Memory Keepsakes and was drawn to capture her lovley mums memory into two precious memory bears for herself and her daughter.

I was delighted to meet her and hear her precious memories of mum. So here they are for you to see and admire.

Thank for taking the time view my keepsake collection.

By winnie, Apr 10 2018 07:11AM

Winnie and Freda have a surprise guest staying at the home of memory keepsakes.

We are welcoming little Harvey a very cute 10year old Yorkshire Terrier, he’s a bright and friendly little chap. I think we are all enjoying his vacation.

Harvey’s owner has reached the grand age of 98years, wow! An age worth celebrating. Following a fall at home he is recuperating in hospital after a repair of his broken hip. The dear gentleman is desperate to go back home and be with his beloved Harvey, so I wish him a speedy recovery.

Harvey has a few little adventures to have with Winnie and Freda before he goes back home...........wait to see what he is going to get up too!!!

By WInnie Bear, Mar 7 2018 05:59PM

Look at these very furry bears, all spruced up with gold and pearls to add to the memories.

Two Travelling Bears along with their companions are now having their hugs and bubbles with their family, I must say the paws were very soft and tactile, I bet they get stroked a lot!

By winnie, Feb 28 2018 08:17PM

Good evening to you all,

A few days ago you had a little peep at the wonderful t shirts that represented a life time of travelling memories. My task for this memory keepsake order was to create a memory cushion using all the designs and logos from the t shirts to create a cushion as an 89th Birthday gift.

Such a joy to collate all the designs in a way to capture a life time of exploration, I loved using different techniques like, quilting, appliqué and embroidery to complete his precious gift.

What do you think?